Reviews and Opinions

Simply Fantastic

I worked in six different countries on diplomatic assignments. I have a hobby of collecting children’s books to know how different countries teach their children. Presently, I am retired and settled in India. A few days back I happened to see the series of pre-school children’s books ‘Make Your Children Brighter.’ They are simply fantastic. They are the best of its kind available in the entire world.

K.N.Rahul, Hyderabad

Wonderful and Captivating

Yesterday, we attended a birthday party of my friends' daughter. Someone brought 30 book-set 'Make Your Children Brighter' as a gift to birthday baby. All the children were immediately attracted to these books. I could see how immersed they were in them. I was also tempted to take a couple of the books into my hands and looked into. They are really wonderful and captivating.

Sunita Ranganathan, Principal, St. Joseph School, Chennai.

Everything is Visually Explained

We admitted our child in LKG and I really find it difficult to answer his questions. Where from apples come? From trees. How do the trees look like. I myself have no clue. Is the tree of watermelon bigger than the apple tree? Watermelon is grown to a plant. Does Jackfruit also grow on the branches of its tree? I don't know. After we purchased the book- set 'Make Your Children Brighter', we got answers to all my child’s questions. If you have a set of these books, the child's learning becomes fun and easy. Everything is visually explained with excellent photos.

Deepak Raj, Software Engineer, Delhi.

Excellent Books

My son brought 30 book-set 'Make Your Children Brighter'. Now my grandchild and I are learning many things at the same time. I do not know how potato plants or for that matter, plants of any other underground vegetable plants look like. Teaching many important things visually is the best method. These books are brilliant examples of that method. Earlier our children did not have the opportunity to learn from such books. Now they have the advantage of having access to such excellent books.

Vijay Patel, Regional Manager, State Bank of India.

Most exciting books

Every child is special and unique. The age bracket - of 1 to 6 years - is one of the most important periods of any individual's life because of the amount of brain development that happens during this period. The 30 book-set ‘Make Your Children Brighter' adds to children's enormous ability to absorb and learn during this period. These visually most exciting set of books enlarges the child's view of the world. Even though children are curious to know about the nature around them, they do not know where to get that information. How rice or wheat is produced? No one at home can explain satisfactorily to them. These books explain many such issues effortlessly. Every page of these books teaches them visually.

Prof. G.R. Krishna, Mangalore

Learning will be a wonderful experience

The beauty of this set 'Make Your Child Brighter' is providing exposure to the child to a variety of concepts. The child learns many topics in the world through exploration and discovery. Highly structured education system gives children little scope to explore and understand. This set of books serves the purpose of child-centric learning. Through these books, learning will be a wonderful experience. Parents teach the child what is apple. His understanding stops there. But these books make him explore more details like where from the apple comes. With such information about everything, children naturally broaden their thinking on all topics.

P.Rama Devi, Educationist, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Kindle love for learning

It is very important to build up passion in children towards books. Books should not be seen as tools of pain. How to do it? The right answer is 30 book-set of ‘Make Your Child Brighter'. These fantastic children's books can kindle love for reading and exploring. Children who are repeatedly exposed to dreary children's books eventually find reading boring and develop distaste for them. These books should be made available to all pre-school children. These books will help develop right attitude towards books.

Radha Madhavan, Lecturer, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.

Best books I have seen so far

The best children’s books are like magic. Few things can generate more excitement and interest among children about a subject than a clever, thought-provoking, aesthetically and beautifully illustrated book. How to select right books? Only criteria are whether any book can lay the right foundation in building awareness and knowledge. These books set 'Make Your Child Brighter' will lay excellent base. These are the best books I have seen so far.

Dr. Aariana, Gynecologist, Mumbai.

Make a child more powerful with new information

These books set ‘Make Your Child Brighter' are totally different from rest of the books available for pre-school children. Education and learning are one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that a child can be. How open a child is to learning will help determine child’s path in life. These books make a child more powerful with new information and knowledge. Every book of this set make children open to learn many issues from a different perspective.

Manoj Pant, Supreme Court Advocate, New Delhi.

These books take a child to 300 new places

These books set 'Make Your Child Brighter' take a child to at least 300 new places. Every child yearns to learn. At times it is hard and frustrating. But in these books learning is made incredibly exciting and enriching. If you want to expand the horizon of your children, sit with them and make them go through these books. They enlarge their vision and imagination.

Gurupreet Singh, Pilot, Calcutta.