Most Outstanding And Extremely Fascinating Pre-primary Books Set Of India


Exclusive Dealership.

Do you like to take exclusive dealership to our publications in your area/ town? Many dealers are earning minimum a lakh of rupees with little effort by taking dealership of our books..

Who are the potential customers to our publications?

Pre-primary schools purchase these books to their children.

Paediatricians recommend these books to the parents of children who come to them to develop children’s intellectual capability..

These books will be excellent gifts during birthday.

There will be perennial demand for these books. Every year new children are born and grow up. At the same time, parents will acquire more potentiality to spend more amounts on their children.

Most of the parents do not hesitate to spend any amount for the education.. If properly explained, all the parents will easily understand that this set will be highly helpful to their children’s growth and get prepared to acquire one set.

In India, every year, two crore children get ready for pre-primary education. Nearly 4 crore children in India are sent to pre-primary schools, convents or Anganwadi centres every year. All those children need this BRIGHTCHILD set.

If you become a dealer in your town, you can earn in lakhs with little effort.

If you are interested to become dealer of these books fill up the following application form and send it to us

Dealership Enquiry

I purchased two sets of BRIGHTCHILD just to test how these sets will be received both by the parents and their children. I gave one set to my neighbour whose child is studying LKG in a local school. He gave it to the principal of the school and within five days, he enquired where from he can get 100 sets of these books. Next day I went to the school and finalised a deal for 100 sets. Absolutely with no effort, I earned more than 50,000/- which I have never imagined.

Madhavan, Ernakulam

I am running one elementary school in a remote village of Andhra Pradesh. One of my friends gave a set of BRIGHT CHILD set. Then I arranged one parents meeting and in that meeting, I introduced this set to the parents. The took more than an hour to look into the books. Then they discussed among themselves and all of the parents of LKG,UKG students, asked for one set each. I was astonished. I know, many of them have not the capacity to spend that amount on this set. When I said this, they laughed and insisted that they need this set. Within five days all the 82 parents paid the amount for these sets.

Rama Rao, E.Godavari Dist.

Every day I travel in metro train. I ordered for Bright Child set and it was delivered at my home. I came that night late. Next day, while going to office I carried this set to look into it in Metro train. Co-passengers who travel along with me everyday have taken the books from my hand and all of them were mesmerised to see these books. They started enquiring, where this set is available. Next day itself I have taken distribution of these sets and got 50 sets from the publishers. I started selling them in the train for Rs.1500/- and all of them were very happy for the service I am rendering. Within 15 days, I sold 50 sets.

Joshi, Mumbai

After completing my university education I desperately tried to get a job. I got a job in a school but they were paying a mere fifteen thousand only. At that time I came across BRIGHT CHILD set and I took it as a challenge to sell the sets. I used to visit the schools and I personally exhibit all the books explaining every item to children. I question them elicit their answers regarding every item. Most surprising thing waswhen I asked them how we get milk, ninety percent of the children answered that we get it from plastic packets.

Raju, Hyderabad

Dealership terms and conditions:

  1. Anyone who wants to take dealership of these books should first get a set of BRIGHT CHILD set from Flipkart.
  2. Flipkart provides this set for Rs.1500/- only. Delivery charges are free.
  3. After carefully examining all the 30 books in the set, if you are convinced to take the dealership, please send email for application form.
  4. First decide to which area/town you want dealership.
  5. After receiving your application form your dealership will be confirmed.
  6. After becoming exclusive dealer, minimum of 50 sets should be taken by you by sending the necessary amount to our bank account.
  7. We will give Rs.500/- special discount to you on the face value of Rs.2000/- per set. The price to you works out to Rs.1500/- per set. On this price, you will be given dealers’ commission of 30%, which works out to Rs.450/-. After deducting this amount also, you will get a BRIGHTCHILD set for the price of Rs.1050/-. This apart, we will send the consignment to you by bearing the transport charges to anywhere in India.
  8. Immediately after your dealership is confirmed, we will send excellent brochures and posters printed on art paper